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Exchange mailbox recovery is one of the most important tasks in every organization. Only with a good, compatible, disaster recovery plan, you are able to validate the company continuity during unplanned or scheduled disruptions. To help you out, today this article is going to tell you just how to recover Exchange Server mailbox contents from the EDB files. So, just follow along and learn how to recover Exchange Server mailbox contents from EDB files.


In order to understand this article, it is important for you to know what Exchange Server is and what it can do. Well, an exchange mailbox recovery process is about overcoming the disaster as quickly as possible after the damage has been done. This is important because in any case, if the data is not recovered in the shortest possible time, then the chances of the information being lost or misused are more. If this happens, then the business will lose its data. So, before it’s too late, we need to recover the exchange mailbox data or at least minimize the damage that has been done to the data in the EDB files.


To do the exchange recovery, there are many options available. First of all, the users can use the standard tool available in the control panel – the ‘Exchange Server diagnostic tab’. This is where you will be able to perform the test run of the recovery scan. The users can also choose to perform the test scan using the ‘Exchange Mailbox Recovery’ or ‘Exchange Server Recovery’ file that is located in the ‘Tools’ utility. If you choose to use the standard or custom made tools, then the following tips should be followed:

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