labour law compliance

Labour Law is an important body of legislation primarily focused on protecting the interests of all the laborers in India. It governs employers, employees and other laborat large organizations through different compliances to protect the welfare of the laborers and their rights at work. In order to understand what labour law is all about, it is important to know what labour is. Labour refers to the ability of any laborer to be employed in a particular enterprise. The laws of labour law provide the framework on how an employee can be categorized, paid, promoted, discharged and the nature of his working conditions.


In India, the laws that govern labour compliance are called the labour laws. There are numerous compliances that are enforced in the country that aims to benefit all the laborers at work and protects them from exploitation. If you want to work in any organization in India, you must comply with the basic requirements of the law. All the organizations have different laws pertaining to the issues of labour compliance but the basic necessities remain common for all the organizations irrespective of the type of business they belong to.


The first requirement of labour laws compliance in India is that all the employees have to file the income tax returns. Filing the income tax returns is absolutely free of cost and makes sure that all the taxes are paid to the government without any delay. Keeping track of all the deductions and credits is absolutely essential if you want to maximize the earnings that you make. Every employee has to file the income tax returns at least two months before the end of the year. The next requirement that is equally important in maintaining statutory deposits is that every employee must keep the books of accounts at all times.

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